Fly Bvlos Technology starts UAV pilot training at Dronepark

Flyby Technology CEO and Chief Examiner Jon Parker FRAeS and Ünver Şahin General Manager of Coskunoz Defense & Aerospace Inc. and UAVERA Aerospace talked to on the first day of Fly Bvlos Technology's UAV pilot training course.

Speaking to Mr. Parker said the following:

"It’s a very important day for us you know, we’ve been looking forward to welcoming the pilots from Djibouti from some time now and it always seemed to be getting further away rather than closer and now they’re here.

This is the first time that we’ve been able to give another nation the knowledge the experience that we’ve gained over the years and it’s an opportunity for Turkey as well because we’ve got all of the constituent parts of a great industry.

I mean Turkey is a drone superpower now. It really is the epicenter of drone technology with great company's like Baykar and Flyby, and Fly Bvlos Technology working out the training end and the civilian end of the market.

It’s a great opportunity for Turkey. and We’re in Turkey because the education standards are amazing, the young people’s willingness to innovate and looking forward to contributing to drones for good. So that’s what drives me, and it certainly drives Kamil who owns Fly Bvlos Technology and that’s what we’re here to do.

The course itself is designed by experienced aviators from manned aviation. A lot of military fighter pilots but more importantly instructors from the top of the military training pyramid.

We come from the top end of the experience of military aviation but more importantly we train at a very high level. So why would people come to our course? I would say if you want to be trained to do something you go to the best who do it already, The best of those.

That might sound a little bit self-appreciative really, but we know what we are doing, and we know how to train.

And we’ve done flying for the national health service in the UK doing long distance beyond visual line of sight flying already with large drones and that needed training and we’ve developed a course that enables pilots to fly big drones long distances on multiple complex missions.

And Djibouti is a country that needs to be connected. There are a lot of remote communities, so our technology, our aircraft, and our training, our experience and our philosophies are exactly what they need.

So, why would people come? It's because Turkey is a great place to build drones, it’s a great place to fly drones and it's now a great place to train to fly drones."

Also talking to Ünver Şahin General Manager of Coskunoz Defense & Aerospace Inc. and UAVERA Aerospace said the following on the beginning of training at Fly Bvlos Technology:

"Today is the first day of our training and our trainees are coming from abroad. Actually, The official language of the training is in English. So, it is well accepted all around the world.

Our trainers come from the UK and we will certify our pilots at the end of the training, and they will be able to use UAVs globally.

Our ultimate vision is to contribute to the ecosystem of the UAV market. By means of this we would like to maximize the benefit of UAV for the community."

Fly Bvlos Technology starts UAV pilot training at Dronepark

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