FNSS hosted the students of Sultan Qaboos University

FNSS hosted the students of Sultan Qaboos University within the scope of the 2023 International Internship Program.

FNSS continues its international internship programs. Most recently, successful students from Sultan Qaboos University were sent to FNSS as part of the 2023 program. The students participating in the program are selected by Sultan Qaboos University. These students, studying engineering disciplines, aspire to pursue careers in the defense industry. FNSS takes care of their reception, hosting, and training during their time at the company. The training covers topics such as leadership, productivity, communication, and teamwork.

Participants of the global internship program were interviewed regarding their takeaways from the company and their impressions of the experience. The students conveyed that they had an astounding learning journey, acquiring insights across diverse domains, and recognizing disparities between professional work and academic learning. A number of students underscored FNSS's stature as a substantial and exceptional enterprise, highlighting the exceptional caliber of its personnel.

FNSS will persist in extending its hospitality to students from universities in nations engaged in collaborative production and cooperation endeavors.

FNSS hosted the students of Sultan Qaboos University

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