HAVELSAN's extensive collaborations and outstanding work in the Asia-Pacific region

HAVELSAN, one of the leading company in defense industry, had successful exhibition at LIMA 2023 and signed MoUs with Malaysian companies.

In a video released by the company, Sevket Unal, HAVELSAN's Vice President of International Business Development and Marketing, talked about HAVELSAN's presence at LIMA 2023 and work in Malaysia and Asia Pacific.

"In the last four days, we had a very successful exhibition here. We have hosted the Prime Minister, excellency Anwar Ibrahim, and we have given him about our last generation of software developments, both for the Navy and the Air Forces. And we have established already very good communication with a lot of partners here and especially in this exhibition we have signed MoUs." he said.

"We are going to work together with local partners. Because Türkiye is known for its advanced technologies and also in software developments. And we see that the market here in Malaysia is also developing very fast. Our intention is to increase the competence in the market also together with the Turkish companies, so that they can accelerate much faster. And we are ready to help technology transfer and do some developments together here in Malaysia for Navy, Air Forces, Land Forces." he explained.

"Actually there are very good reactions to the developments in general for the Turkish companies. We have seen that in the last 20 years, our developments in the defense industries often very, very much beyond expectations. And customers from Malaysia and Asia-Pacific region as well as from the Middle East, they all are really proud with the developments that Türkiye has established. They are eager to work and cooperate with Turkish companies. And they know that a real and true partnership with Turkish companies will really help them to accelerate their own developments. We are looking for cooperation not only to sell products, but also co-develop and generate new products together." he explained.

"And we have discussed with our partners here to do some developments which will actually market here in the regions, but also in other regions that HAVELSAN is also very active. In general speaking, we are active in different markets. Over 40 countries, we are promoting our products and in more than 20 countries we already have our products and solutions integrated and they are already combat proven." he said.

"The communication both on economic and political level between Türkiye and Malaysia was always good. So, it is actually and the relations are independent of the governments. So, I think that the people of Turkey and the people of Malaysia are very close to each other regardless of politics. And the politics are always in favor of this, pursuing the good relationships between the both nations. They have a young population, good universities, they are in the world ranks. Also, one of the MoU that they have signed with the Malaysia National Defense University is to accelerate this cooperation in terms of R&D and co-development." HAVELSAN's Vice President of International Business Development and Marketing, Sevket Unal explained.

HAVELSAN had successful exhibition at LIMA 2023 and signed MoUs with Malaysian companies.

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