International Defense Industry Agenda 23 – 29 January 2023

U.S. arms exports increased by nearly 49 percent in the 2022 fiscal year, totaling $205.6 billion.

Finland will procure 160 6×6 armored personnel carriers from the state defense company Patria.

M-346, the trainer aircraft ordered by Greece from Italy, made its first flight.

South Korean company KAI and US company Northrop Grumman signed a cooperation agreement on the development of vertical take-off and landing UAVs.

FNSS production gun turrets were integrated into the Philippine Army's ACV-15 Armored Personnel Carriers.

Lockheed Martin announced successful first flight of F-16 Block 70 aircraft.

The modernization process of 16 L-159 light attack aircraft in the Czech Air Force inventory has been completed.

USA conducted a ground engine test for the future unmanned fighter Fury.

The Finnish Ministry of Defense announced that the "embargo on exports of military equipment to Turkey", which has been in effect since 2019, has been lifted.

Ethiopia purchased 32 155 mm self-propelled howitzers from China.

The US has delivered F-16 fighter jets, modernized to the Block 70 version, to Greece.

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