International Defense Industry Agenda 04 – 10 December 2023

  1. SIPRI announced the top 100 defense industry companies that sold the most weapons and military services in 2022.
  2. France announced that it will send 50 Bastion-type armored vehicles to Armenia.
  3. South Korea announced the successful conduct of the third test flight of its solid-fuel space rocket.
  4. A defense cooperation agreement was signed between the USA and Sweden.
  5. The 'Main Control Center' of the "Vehicle Detection and High Speed Weight Measurement System Project" initiated by ASELSAN in Azerbaijan started its operations.
  6. The International Defense Industry Fair Expodefensa 2023, held on December 5-7, was held in Bogota, Colombia.
  7. Australia signed an agreement with South Korea for the purchase of armored combat vehicles worth $ 2,4 billion.
  8. The United States approved the sale of 18 mobile artillery and mortar detection radars to the United Arab Emirates.
  9. Airbus has announced that the A400M firefighting prototype kit has undergone a new flight test.
  10. Damen Shipyards announced the start of production of new multi-purpose F126 frigates, which are considered a prestige project.
  11. An additional "war budget" of approximately 8 billion dollars prepared by the Israeli government was approved in the first vote in the Knesset.
  12. South Korea has chosen the Embraer C-390 Millennium aircraft in the tender for the supply of new military cargo aircraft.
  13. An agreement was signed between Australia and Papua New Guinea to enhance regional security and defense cooperation.
  14. The United States and Singapore signed an agreement on the priority supply of defense products.
  15. Malaysia signed an agreement with France for the supply of Ground Master 400 long-range air defense radars.
  16. After completing a detailed modernization process, Iran added the main battle tank, the T-72F, to its inventory.
International Defense Industry Agenda 04 - 10 December 2023

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