International Defense Industry Agenda 27 June - 3 July 2022

A $2.3 billion contract was signed between the US military and Sikorsky for 120 helicopters.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that Britain's defense spending will reach 2.5 percent of gross domestic product by 2030.

Israeli defense company Elbit Systems has sold an electronic warfare system to an international customer for $70 million.

China introduced a 300 mm multi-barreled rocket launcher system with a range of 160 km.

British defense firm BAE Systems introduced its new Robotic Combat Vehicle with laser-guided rockets.

The German Chancellor said that they will invest an average of 70-80 billion euros per year in defense.

Taiwan's domestic drone has completed a 10-hour test flight.

Poland purchased 32 multi-purpose military helicopters worth 1.75 billion euros from the Italian defense company Leonardo.

Sikorsky company released photos of the Raider X prototype helicopter equipped with air-to-surface missiles and a 20 mm main gun.

France and Romania signed a letter of intent aimed at increasing military cooperation in the maritime field.

General Dynamics signed a $1.14 billion contract to develop new light tanks for the US Army.

European defense firm MBDA introduced a long-range land-launched cruise missile.

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