International defense industry agenda 29 November - 05 December 2021

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the United Arab Emirates and Egypt for the localization of the defense industries at the Egyptian Defense Fair EDEX 2021.

It was announced that the Iraqi Council of Ministers approved the 100-million-dollar Bayraktar TB2 SİHA purchase from Turkey.

The European Union announced that it will provide 31 million euros in aid to Ukraine to strengthen its defense field.

The US Air Force ordered 15 Silent Arrow drones for cargo handling.

The Azerbaijani army carried out exercises with Turkish-made Bayraktar UCAVs.

Northrop Grumman delivered the 10,000th GMLRS missile propulsion system to its partner Lockheed Martin.

Croatia signed an agreement to purchase second-hand Rafale fighter jets for $1.1 billion from France.

Egypt’s first Unmanned Aerial Vehicle NUT was introduced at the Egyptian Defense Fair EDEX 2021.

Iveco delivered the 500th armored vehicle to the Brazilian army.

The Belarusian Armed Forces purchased armored personnel carriers from Russia.

The United Arab Emirates signed an agreement to purchase 80 Rafale fighter jets from France.

Pakistan introduced its new armed unmanned aerial vehicle at EDEX 2021 defense exhibition held in Egypt.

The diesel engine tests of the new submarine of the Spanish Navy have been completed. 

The Moroccan Armed Forced signed an agreement to purchase kamikaze UAVs worth $22 million from Israel.

The Egyptian Navy and the Italian company Leonardo signed on the procurement of 8 military transport helicopters at the Egyptian Defense Fair EDEX 2021.


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