Learn more about DIEHL Defence's air defense system: IRIS - T SLM

In an interview with Defensehere.com at the 54th Paris Air Show, David Voskuhl, Vice President Public Relations of DIEHL Defence, talked about the company's air defense systems, IRIS - T SLM.

Diehl Defence delivers high-tech equipment for defence industry. The company is one of the global technology company in the development and production of guided missiles and ammunition for armies, air forces and navies. Moreover, Diehl Defence also offers advanced system solutions for ground-based air defence. Innovative solutions in the fields of reconnaissance, monitoring, training and protection round off the product range.

For the Bundeswehr´s Tactical Air Defence System (TLVS), Diehl Defence developed the surface-launched IRIS-T SL, an upgraded version of the IRIS-T missile equipping fighter aircraft of numerous countries worldwide. In combination with various radar and command systems, IRIS-T SL offers the capabilities and benefits of an advanced air defence system. An entire IRIS-T SLM system was tested successfully for the first time in 2014 in the presence of international representatives.

"IRIS - T SLM is for medium range purposes"

In the interview, David Voskuhl, Vice President Public Relations of DIEHL Defence expressed that "We are one of the prime defense contractors based in Germany. Right behind me you see some examples of ground based air defense systems as we offer them from DIEHL defence. For example, IRIS - T SLM. That is for medium range purposes against threats from the air, from aircraft, from helicopters but also from missile."

"Germany delivered 2 fire units of IRIS - T SLM to Ukraine already"

Regarding the export market of the IRIS - T SLM, Voskuhl revealed that "Amongst others, we have delivered 2 fire units to Ukraine already. We have another export customer that I cannot name for confidentiality reason."

"Dominating subjects during the Paris Air Show was ground based air defense systems"

"We are here at Le Bourget Airshow this year. One of the dominating subjects during the event was ground based air defense systems of which there are many on offer." he reminded at the 54th Paris Air Show. "However, they are not all competing products. But they are designed for various purposes. Especially, in terms of various threats that developed for protection against. So, IRIS - T SLM is designed for medium ranges against aircraft, helicopters and missiles."

"Our market is predominantly NATO countries"

Regarding the target market for the IRIS - T air defense systems, he stressed that "Our market is predominantly NATO countries. Approximately, 50 percent of our turnover is with our German customer. And the other is mainly NATO and equivalent country."

"IRIS - T SLM is combat proven in Ukraine"

"IRIS - T SLM is combat proven in Ukraine. IRIS - T SLM is one of our ground based air defense systems that we have an offer." he reminded. "IRIS - T, we first with the missile that we have initially developed for air to air applications and that we later on adapted to surface launch applications as well."

"We have an offer right now SLS for short ranges, SLM for medium ranges, and we are developing SLX for even longer ranges." he concluded.

Learn more about Germany's DIEHL Defence' air defense system: IRIS - T SL

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