Local producer of epoxy resin CET completed its first export to the Asian market

CET, a local manufacturer of epoxy resin, has successfully completed its maiden export to the Asian market, specifically to India. This move is aimed at decreasing Türkiye's reliance on external sources for epoxy resin. The company has confirmed the successful delivery of epoxy resin and foam exports to India.

CET, a local and national producer of epoxy resin, has exported its products to a total of 17 different countries.

Increasing export quantity

CET, having achieved notable success by expanding its market to Asian countries in August 2023, in addition to its presence in Türkiye and European exports over the past two years, is continually enhancing its process and product quality. Concurrently, it remains a significant player in the industry with its competitive pricing.

The company conveyed in a statement to Defensehere.com that they offer industry weight reduction solutions using advanced epoxy systems and, with the help of performance epoxy adhesives, they are intensifying their commitment each day to maintain their prominent position not only in Türkiye and Europe but also in Asia.

CET Composite and Epoxy Technologies

Founded in 2018 at Teknopark Istanbul, CET's mission is to diminish foreign reliance on critical products used in Türkiye's vital sectors.

In addition to its proficiency in thermoset systems and advanced process technical knowledge, CET, a domestic and national epoxy resin production company, is capable of offering solutions to diverse industrial consumers engaged in advanced manufacturing technologies across sectors such as defense, aviation and space, automotive, maritime, and energy.

CET outlines that its ambitious goal for 2024 is to transition all production processes into the realm of 'Dark Factory' organization within the framework of Industry 4.0 applications, empowered by its innovative R&D endeavors in chemical technologies.

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