Rosoboronexport's system against small sized UAVs

Speaking to a Rosoboronexport representative talked about the firms latest system against small sized UAVs.

The Rosoboronexport representative stated that the system can be used to create a 360 degree safe zone against small sized UAVs within a 4 kilometer radius and also used for directed long range jamming up to 20km in a 40 degree cone.

Rosoboronexport's system against small sized UAVs

The representative talked to about the system and said:

"System against small sized UAVs. The principle of combat operating the complex is, the complex can gather the signals coming from small sized UAVs, telemetry, common signals and GPS, BEIDOU, GLONASS, navigation satellite system. So after the complex gathers this system they could detect the drone, direction finding of the drone and set up the jam against the common channels and satellite navigation channels of drones. As a result drones cannot penetrate into secured area and will be neutralized and cannot set up the combat tasks.

So the distance of detection and identification of drones up to 25 km. The distance of jamming is also 20 km. There are two types of jamming the first in closest area at a distance up to 4 kilometers the system can create the invisible dome on secure area and will not allow any drones to penetrate inside this invisible dome.

The second type of jammer is so called the long-distance jammer at a distance up to 20km in a sector of 40 degrees. System can also emit the jamming signal and also with the possibility of full rotation, so the complex is operating 360 degrees.

There is also our new subsystems which was introduced and integrated at the system. Its modular which can provide for a repellant patrol system to detect, identify, and track drones which are operated by 4G LTE signals. Its also next steps of developing the technologies of anti-drones.

Repellant patrol complex can also operate while moving. So, for protecting special cargoes, protecting VIP person and troops on the march. It can be integrated and transmit the information from its own command post to a higher-level command post in air defense. One of the options of the complex is the complex also can be operated by the remote-control units for the security of the crew and operating and managing of the complex van be done at a distance up to 100 meters from the complex.

All types of existing or modern drones can be successfully detected and neutralized and won’t be allowed to penetrate in secured area. So, from the class of drones of our targets; its micro drones, mini drones and small sized."

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