Rostec Modifies Pantsir and Artillery Weapons Based on Ukraine Experience

Russian High Precision Systems holding company announced, that a number of its weapons have been modified based on the combat experience acquired on the battlefields of Ukraine. Rostec's High Precision Systems unite major developers and producers of artillery, anti-tank and air defense systems, missiles, small arms and other weaponry.

The Pantsir air defense system has been modified taking into account the combat use in the special operation and the presence of modern missile weapons, such as HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, said the holding company to TASS news agency at the arms exhibition MILEX 2023 in Minsk, Belarus.

«Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and gun system has been modified taking into account operating experience in the course of combat operation. All the necessary improvements have been implemented," said High Precision Systems, answering a question about improvements to the system for intercepting modern missiles and shells that are supplied to Ukrainee.

Improvements aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the use of Krasnopol and Kitolov guided shells and Gran mines have also been implemented.

"Modifications, taking into account the experience of combat use of guided munitions, are carried out promptly and are being introduced into mass production. They are aimed at increasing the efficiency of the use of products," the holding company said.

All three types of munitions, as well as Pantsir SPAAGM, were developed by the Tula Instrument Design Bureau named after Academician A. G. Shipunov (KBP, part of the High-Precision Systems). According to data from open sources, the Gran guided weapon system is designed to fire from almost all smooth-bore and rifled mortars of 120 mm caliber. It strikes single and group, armored and unarmored targets and engineering structures. The high-precision guided artillery system Kitolov includes an adjustable high-explosive fragmentation projectile with a semi-active homing head and a laser designator-rangefinder for aiming at the target. It is designed to destroy armored targets and engineering structures from the first shot. There are versions of the projectile for 120 mm and 122 mm calibers. The Krasnopol high-precision correctable artillery system in addition to a high-explosive fragmentation guided projectile, also includes a laser designator-rangefinder, with which the product is aimed at the target. 152 mm and 155 mm versions were developed.

Based on the experience of using the Tablet-A artillery fire control system in a special operation, specialists of the VNII Signal (High Precision Systems's company) have increased the speed of its operation and significantly simplified the algorithm of operator actions.

"The list of ammunition that the system can control the firing of has been expanded, the algorithm of the operator's work has been significantly simplified, the number of actions required to open fire after receiving the task has been reduced, the range of objects with which the system can interact within the framework of reconnaissance and firing contours, the time for its software and hardware integration into them has been reduced. The system has become faster, more maneuverable and more reliable," the holding company said.

Most Russian military experts have a common point that the current conflict gives Russia much needed information and basis for further based-on-experience modernization of the existing types of weapons. Russia therefore is getting a possibility of combat-testing a wide range of its weapons. The introduction of the cutting-edge upgrades into export-oriented products could give Moscow an advantage at the global arms market.

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