Russia develops new rotary-wing target drone

JSC CSTS Dinamika, part of  Technodinamika Group, has successfully passed the state trials of the latest target simulator with a rotary-wing target drone system.

This is the first unmanned rotorcraft belonging to this size group ever designed, built and tested in Russia. With takeoff weight at an impressive 315 kg, its flight endurance makes up at least 1 hour, altitude ‑ 2,500 m and operational range ‑ at least 100 km, while operating ambient temperature can vary from ‑30°С to +40°С.

“The Dinamika Center for Scientific and Technical Services has successfully completed the trials of the simulator with unmanned aerial vehicles. The system is intended to simulate low-speed drones and helicopters in the trials of experimental and upgraded weapon systems and for other purposes,” the press office said.

The state trials were held on a scale sufficient for starting the manufacture of the system’s pilot batch. The trials confirmed all of the system’s flight and operational characteristics, it said.

The final stage of the trials took place at the Defense Ministry’s Chkalov State Flight Testing Center with the use of purpose-designed equipment. The tests were held by specialists of the Chkalov Center while the staff of the Dinamika Center’s flight test base provided support for the flights.

“The successful completion of the state trials of the system with drones is a landmark event in the development of Technodinamika’s enterprise. The preliminary conclusion obtained on the possibility of producing a pilot batch of the simulator with drones has allowed the Dinamika Center for Scientific and Technical Services to launch the serial manufacture of drones for the first time. The company has put into operation a workshop that allows for serially assembling and integrating components of unmanned aerial vehicles,” the press office quoted Technodinamika Group CEO Igor Nasenkov as saying.

Source: Defence blog

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