Spain’s Navantia Proposing Two New Frigate Designs To The Hellenic Navy

Spanish shipbuilder Navantia is proposing two new and modern designs for the Hellenic Navy frigate requirement: The F110 Frigates, currently being designed for the Spanish Navy are part of a wider package offer by the shipbuilder with full support of the Spanish government.

F110 and Alfa 3000 are two modern frigate designs with capabilities in AAW, ASuW & ASW. Navantia is ready to build all of them in Greece.

It recently surfaced that the Hellenic Navy need was not limited to new-built frigates. Their need is so urgent that they require a “stop-gap” solution (consisting in the procurement of second-hand vessels or a lease of existing vessels) as well as an upgrade to the in-service Hydra-class frigates.

Abel Mender, International Commercial Manager at Navantia unveiled the company’s offer to Greece:

  • Four new F110 frigates,

  • A stop-gap solution of two new Alfa 3000 light frigates to be delivered in just 35 months,

  • The modernization of the existing Hellenic Navy’s Hydra-class frigates.

The F110 frigate will feature:

  • A sonar suite by Thales (BlueMaster UMS 4110 and CAPTAS 4 Compact sonars, the TUUM-6 underwater communication system, and the BlueScan digital acoustic system)

  • The SCOMBA combat system by Navantia

  • The S-band variant of Lockheed Martin’s SPY-7 radar

  • Leonardo 127mm 127/64 LW main gun

  • Raytheon’s Evolved SeaSparrow Missile (ESSM) Block 2 missile

  • Rohde & Schwarz external communications systems

  • GMV’ SENDA navigation system

  • Propeller systems by Kongsberg Maritime

 The Alfa 3000 light frigates:

Will be built in Greece and they will be e1uipped with anti-air, anti-ship and anti-submarine capacity.

Hydra-class upgrade:

The upgrade will be a Mid-Life Upgrade of the four in-service Hydra-class frigates of Hellenic Navy.

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