STM exports TOGAN UAV to Nigeria

STM’s export of UAVs to African countries continues. STM recently exported its Multi-Rotor UAV for Tactical Surveillance and Reconnaissance TOGAN to Nigeria.

According to the information received by, TOGAN UAVs were delivered to the Nigerian Security Forces for use in border security within the scope of the 36.5 million Dollar Project carried out by ASISGUARD with the Nigerian Ministry of Defense.

The First TOGAN UAV export to Africa

STM, which exports Combat Proven Rotary Wing Loitering Munition System KARGU to nearly 10 countries, announced at the beginning of August that it had realized the first export of its Multi-Rotor UAV for Tactical Surveillance and Reconnaissance TOGAN to an African country. STM’s sales to Nigeria became TOGAN’s second export.

It is known that STM, which is negotiating with more than one country for new exports in TOGAN, has reached the contract stage with other countries in Africa. After the signatures are signed, STM is expected to announce these sales soon.

Multi-Rotor UAV for Tactical Surveillance and Reconnaissance TOGAN

TOGAN, which is the surveillance and reconnaissance member of STM’s tactical mini-UAV family, was developed with the company’s own resources in line with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces in the field. TOGAN was introduced for the first time at the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2017) in 2017.

TOGAN, which has successfully passed numerous tests in the field and is constantly being developed, entered the inventory of the Turkish security forces in 2022. Designed to be used in tactical level reconnaissance, surveillance, and intelligence missions, TOGAN has a unique flight control system and mission planning software. TOGAN, which can autonomously change/ transfer tasks in the air, offers uninterrupted and long-term surveillance to operators.

A single TOGAN platform can serve for 45 minutes at a range of 10 kilometers. TOGAN provides effective operation day and night with its day and infrared image systems with 30x optical zoom level. Thanks to its unique autopilot and computer vision software, the platform can autonomously track moving targets.

TOGAN, which can perform target detection, recognition, diagnosis, and technical analysis thanks to advanced computer vision algorithms, creates convenience for the user in image valuation studies. With the task change feature, when the battery of one TOGAN falls below a certain level, the other can automatically take over the task and thus the user is offered uninterrupted use.



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