STM showcases autonomous drone systems

STM, one of Turkey’s largest drone manufacturer and of the main suppliers of the Turkish Armed forces, develops customer-tailored products according to their tactical expectations and needs. 

 "STM developed their drone systems with the tactical expectations and needs of its customers in mind," Bülent Soydal, STM Deputy General Manager stated in an interview with 

Bülent Soydal, as he was explaining their drone systems capabilities, stated: "The Kargu platform which is a rotary wing platform that we developed for our customers has a warhead and can be carried by a single person. It gives you a flexible operational concept, where you can easily send these drones to a direction you defined before with the help of the electro optical cameras present in these plarforms. Once you define a target and send the coordinates of the target through the ground station you can send Kargu to the target. With these rotary wing platforms you can cancel the order and call back the platform anytime."

For these drone platforms STM developed interchangable warheads for different tactical situations, some of which are for use against light armored vehicles.

STM Deputy General Manager also showcased the companies fixed wing platform, he stated: "our fixed winged platform, which we call Alpagu has its own special technical specification. Which is lighter and faster then Kargu but since it is a fixed winged platform you cannot cancel the given target order. "

Mr. Soydal also talked about their launcher systems and software capabilities by saying: "This year we worked on multi platform launcher system. It gives you the flexibility to use more than one drone platform at the same time. As STM in autonomous platforms our most important capability is the auto pilot. Which all our platforms use the same auto pilot. Another capability of out platforms is the ability to easily change the warheads depending on the mission requirements. These kinds of flexibility capabilities comes as a requirement from the customer side and we are trying to fulfill their needs as much as possible."

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