(Exclusive): TEKNOFEST is extremely critical in bringing up the engineers of the future

ROKETSAN General Manager Murat İkinci spoke to defensehere.com about TEKNOFEST's contribution to employment of youth in the field of defense industry.

İkinci stated the following in regard to the matter:

“Organized for the third time this year, TEKNOFEST plays a very important role especially for ROKETSAN in terms of bringing up the engineers of the future.

Within the scope of TEKNOFEST, the success of the competitors, especially in the rocket competitions, is very and important for us in terms of attracting young people to such technological fields and bringing up qualified human resources and workforce for the future, specially in line with the expanding and growing business volume of ROKETSAN in these fields, TEKNOFEST is critical for us.

The competitors who succeed here will be employed by ROKETSAN. We also evaluate a lot of the competitors for internship opportunities and we consider some as candidate engineers. We consider that this will make a very serious contribution to us in the future.

In this sense, TEKNOFEST is really a very important festival in terms of increasing the interest of our youth in national technologies, rocket technologies and defense technologies.

We really support the contribution the festival has made, and we will continue to give it our support to continue with the same level of success over the next years."

TEKNOFEST, geleceğin mühendislerini yetiştirmek açısından son derece önemli


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