Turkey's first armed unmanned surface vessel ready to launch missile

The armed unmanned marine vessel (SIDA), the first platform of the ULAQ series developed in cooperation with Turkish defense industry companies, is ready to launch missiles.

The prototype production of Turkey's first armed unmanned marine vessel, which was started to be manufactured in Antalya by Ares Shipyard and Meteksan Defense three years ago, has been completed.

SIDA boasts a cruising range of 400 kilometers (249 miles) and a maximum speed of 65 km (40 miles) per hour, as well as indigenous encrypted communications and day and night vision capabilities.

While SIDA can serve in intelligence-gathering missions, it also features a command and control system that allows all its movements to be remotely controlled and managed.

The vessel is equipped with the long-range anti-tank missile manufactured by Turkish rocket maker Roketsan.

Utku Alanc, the CEO of Ares Shipyard, told Anadolu Agency that SIDA is entirely ready for operation with its prototype boat.

The simulation shots have also been successfully carried out, Alanc said, adding that this project will be completed with real missile firing with warheads in the coming days.

Saying that the priority is the Turkish security forces, Alanc stressed the exports to friendly and allied countries would be started in line with the permits given by the Ministry of National Defense.

We have the capability to produce over 50 boats a year and make them ready for operation, he added.

Erdal Torun, the vice president of Meteksan Defense, also said the vessel was produced for Turkey's Blue Homeland by combining the experience of two companies.

The Blue Homeland references Turkey's maritime sovereignty rights in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, and the Aegean Sea based on international treaties.

Aiming at being a pioneer in the defense industry, Roketsan was founded in 1988 to design, develop and manufacture rockets and missiles.

Turkey's first armed unmanned surface vessel ready to launch missile

Source: AA

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