Turkey’s Meteksan Defense celebrates its 15th anniversary

Turkey based Meteksan Defense celebrates 15 years of developing indigenous advanced technology solutions and exporting these solutions to many nations around the world.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, the company stated the following:

"Meteksan Defense is proud to celebrate 15 years of Developing domestic, national and indigenous advanced technology solution, while contributing to Turkey’s economy by exporting these solutions abroad. Meteksan also celebrates becoming one of the biggest private sector companies in the field of defense industries.

Founded on 20 April 2006 with the aim of being Turkey's Technology Development Center, Meteksan Defense has been developing and designing indigenous systems and subsystems for the Turkish Armed and Security Forces.

The systems and subsystems we produce are used for command control, communication, reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence purposes; they take part on many platforms, especially for surface and underwater platforms, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and missile systems.

Over the past 15 years, Meteksan delivered over 100 projects domestically and abroad; to friendly and allied countries from Europe to Asia and from the Far East to the Middle East.

Significant portion of Meteksan Defense’s revenue is from export. Being so the company contributes significantly in achieving Turkey’s defense and aerospace industry export targets.

As a Bilkent Holding Group Company, all the resources obtained by Meteksan Defence are allocated to Bilkent University in order to have more students taught with scholarships and to receive education in the most modern way."

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