Meteksan Defense to display new products at IDEF

Meteksan Defense is set to display its new products at the 16th International Defense Industry Fair IDEF 2023 to be held in Istanbul July 25-28.

Meteksan Defense will greet its visitors from Stand 722A in Hall 7 at the TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center, and will hold various meetings as part of the fair.

Turkey’s new sonar on its way

Turkey’s first Submersible Anti-Submarine Warfare Radar YAKAMOS-RT, which was developed with domestic resources for submarine detection and anti-submarine warfare operations in shallow waters for platforms such as patrol boats, especially Unmanned Naval Vehicles, will be showcased at IDEF 2023.

YAKAMOS-RT is the newest member of the YAKAMOS family, which has long been operating successfully at sea with MILGEM ADA Class Corvettes and as Turkey’s first exported hull-mounted sonar system. The YAKAMOS-RT has been developed with a smaller and lighter array structure due to its high frequency operation.

A new simulator for Turkey’s Unmanned Undersea Vehicle ULAQ

Development has been completed of the cruise simulator for ULAQ, Turkey’s first Unmanned Undersea Vehicle family developed by Meteksan Defense and the ARES Shipyard.

The simulator, which will be at the Meteksan Defense stand at the IDEF 2023 fair, will allow visitors to experience operating an unmanned undersea vehicle for the first time.

MILSAR, which adds power to UAVs, is coming to IDEF

Turkey’s moving target detection and synthetic aperture radar MILSAR is boosting the power of domestic and national UAVs by providing the ability to operate in the cloud. MILSAR, which extends the reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities of Turkey and friendly allied countries in situations where uninterrupted intelligence is a must, such as counterterrorism, mine warfare, irregular migration, and natural disasters like earthquakes, landslides and floods, will greet visitors at IDEF 2023 with its new features.

Redesigned HETS to be exhibited for the first time at IDEF 2023

The redesign of the Helicopter Obstacle Detection System (HETS) will be exhibited for the first time at the Meteksan Defense stand at IDEF 2023.

The laser-based Helicopter Obstacle Detection System issues audio and visual alerts to pilots in a timely manner, enabling them to avoid accidents due to manmade obstacles such as high voltage cables, buildings, towers, and poles, as well as natural obstacles like trees, forests and hills.

Alongside its many new products, Meteksan Defense will also be exhibiting its existing products as part of IDEF 2023. Among these products are NAZAR, Navigation Electronic Warfare System SEYMEN, and MERTER.

Laser Electronic Warfare System NAZAR hosts a technology that very few countries in the world have, featuring the ability to deploy laser dazzling and soft-kill techniques against electro-optic (EO) and infrared (IR) guided missiles, thereby neutralizing EO and IR guided missiles from long distances.

The Portable Electronic Attack System MERTER is the latest technology product in the Turkish Armed Forces inventory, distinguishing itself from its counterparts with superior electronic warfare features.

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