Turkey's first jet trainer and light attack aircraft Hürjet starts its engine for the first time

Turkey's first jet training and light attack aircraft, Hürjet, got one step closer to its maiden flight by starting its engine for the first time.

Developed by Turkish Aerospace, Hürjet will prepare for its maiden flight on March 18, 2023, with engine integration and ground tests. With the tests and development activities to be carried out afterwards, it is aimed that Hürjet will be able to enter Turkish Airforce inventory by 2025. Hürjet production capacity is aimed to reach 2 airplanes per month during the serial production period.

Hürjet project

The Hürjet Project, carried out under the coordination of the Presidency of Defense Industries, was launched in August 2017 as the Jet Trainer Development Project.

Conceptual design activities in April 2018, preliminary design activities in July 2019, critical design activities in February 2021 were successfully completed, and production started with the conclusion of the design cycles.

The production of parts for Hürjet, which consists of approximately 8 thousand parts, started in January 2021. Produced parts and equipment took their place on the plane on the final assembly line.

The works for the 2 prototypes to be produced in the first phase of the project have been completed to a large extent. One of the prototypes will be used in endurance tests and the other in flight tests. The prototype to be used in the endurance test came out of the hangar and will be subjected to full-length static tests. Ground tests will begin soon with the prototype that will fly.

Features of Hürjet

Hürjet, which will be approximately 14 meters long, 5 meters high and 9.5 meters wingspan, will be able to reach a speed of mach 1.4 and can fly at a maximum altitude of 45 thousand feet.

The aircraft will have 7 weapons stations, three under each wing and one under the fuselage. Hürjet will be able to carry a payload of close to 3 tons.

Turkey's first jet trainer and light attack aircraft Hürjet starts its engine for the first time

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