Turkey's smart cruise missile SOM-J

Stand-Off Missile SOM-J, compatible with 5th generation fighters, was developed in partnership with TÜBİTAK SAGE and Roketsan.

SOM-J is designed to be used against heavily protected land and sea targets.

With a range of 275 km, SOM-J can be used by F-35 and F-16 jets and can operate in all weather conditions.

Work continues on integrating the SOM-J missile into AKINCI and AKSUNGUR unmanned combat aerial vehicles.

SOM-J will also be among the weapons that can be carried in the internal weapons bay of Turkey's 5th Generation fighter aircraft, the National Combat Aircraft (MMU).

The ground tests of the missile begun at Sinop Test Field in July 2018 and were completed in October 2020.

All tests of the SOM family SOM-A, SOM-B1, SOM-B2, SOM-C1, SOM-C2 and SOM-J variants have been completed and mass production preparations are currently ongoing.

Turkey's smart cruise missile SOM-J

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