Turkish defense firm Havelsan develops safe messaging app

A top Turkish defense company Havelsan developed an indigenous and safe messaging software, called ileti.

ileti, designed for corporate communication, is the first application which was developed with Whitebox Cryptography (WBC), Havelsan tweeted on Sunday.

"With the WBC Library, ileti protects personal keys in software and prevents them from being captured," according to Havelsan's website.

"With this feature, ileti is one step ahead of other instant messaging applications in terms of security."

The application ensures information security in corporate communication and protects data against third party intrusions, it also said.

Mutual instant messaging, secure voice and video calls, media and location sharing, and on-premise installation are available on ileti.

After popular messaging app WhatsApp forced many users to agree to new privacy rules, a large number of people started to seek alternatives for their smartphones.

Dozens of thousands of social media posts were shared in Turkey and users were seen to have turned towards local instant messaging applications, such as BiP and Dedi.

The changes in WhatsApp include sharing personal data with Facebook companies and the app could not be used unless the terms are accepted.

Source: AA

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