Turkish Defense giant Havelsan is 39 today

HAVELSAN, one of Turkey's largest defense industry companies, was founded 39 years ago today, on July 13, 1982.

Founded on July 13, 1982

The producer of “the command control system” the brain of Turkish submarines

The developer of the armed unmanned ground vehicle Barkan

The Producer of ATAK helicopter simulator, the sniper simulator, the F-16 Maintenance Training Simulator

The developer of the software of the National Combat Aircraft

The constructor of the Qatar Armed Forces Joint Operations Training Center

The developer of the autonomous CBRN Reconnaissance Aircraft

The developer of ILETI, the world's first and only secure communication and instant messaging program with white box cryptography.

The Organizer of the UAV Swarm Simulation competition at TEKNOFEST

The Producer of the Submarine Information Distribution System, the heart of Turkish submarines

The 8th company with the highest R&D expenditure in Turkey in 2020

HAVELSAN, one of the world's leading technology and defense companies, is 39 years old as of today.

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