Turkish-hosted international military drill starts in country's northwest

A Turkish-hosted military drill began on Tuesday with the participation of elements from “friendly and allied countries,” the Turkish National Defense Ministry announced on Tuesday.

The NUSRET-2023 Invitation Military Drill, taking place in Türkiye’s northwestern Canakkale province and the Gulf of Saros, lasts through next Wednesday, Dec. 6.

“The aim of the exercise is to provide training for participating Units/Commands in the planning, execution, and evaluation of mine warfare. It aims to enhance the interoperability of mine warfare elements from different countries, promoting their ability to work together,” said a ministry statement.

Units from the Turkish Naval and Air Force Commands, as well as the Coast Guard Command, along with elements from 15 countries as well as observer personnel, are taking part in the nine-day exercise.

A press briefing for the exercise is set for Wednesday at the historic Canakkale Naval Museum, the ministry said.

In addition, there will also be exhibitions, presentations, and live demonstrations of defense industry companies (mine warfare weapons/systems) at the Nara Military Port and historic 19th century Nara Castle, also in Canakkale, the ministry said.

Source: AA

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