Turkiye exports $872 million worth of UAVs in January-November 2022 period

Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association announced the export data of the Defense and Aerospace Sector for the January-November 2022 period.

Accordingly, the export figure of the Turkish Defense and Aerospace Industry was 3 billion 770 million 415 thousand dollars in this period. This figure was 2 billion 778 million 328 thousand dollars in the same period of last year.

According to Turkiye's sectoral export data, chemical products ranked first, automotive industry ranked second, steel industry ranked third, and defense & aerospace industry ranked 15th with approximately $3.8 billion.

In the same period, the Defense and Aviation Industry ranked second in the rate of increase in exports on a sectoral basis, with an increase of 35.7 percent. Olive and Olive Oil products took the first place with an increase of 45.4 percent.

In the ranking of exports per kg on a sectoral basis, Defense and Aviation Industry ranked second with 55.9 dollars per kg, after Jewelery (698 dollars/kg).

In the January-November 2022 period, Defense and Aerospace Industry realized the highest monthly export with 503 million dollars in November. In November last year, this figure had reached 383 million dollars.


In the January-November period, approximately 2 billion 600 million dollars of exports were realized in the defense sector.

This group of goods came first with 871.5 million dollars of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) exports in 11 months of the year.

Ammunitions and Missile Systems ranked second, and Land Vehicles exports ranked third.

Civil Aviation/Hunting-Shooting

The export figure for the same period was 767 million dollars in Civil Aviation and approximately 405 million dollars in Hunting-Shooting.


Country                           2021                              2022
1. USA                       1.030.449.544       -         811.032.222
2. QATAR                   180.544.443          -         290.239.010
3. UAE                       161.334.485          -         265.699.896
4. PHILIPPINES          1.327.337             -         165.147.124
5. GERMANY             142.816.548        -          151.668.342
6. POLAND               19.326.488           -          138.254.905
7. RUANDA               28.672.223           -         132.829.307
8. INDIA                    24.285.354           -         130.814.214
9. BURKINA FASO     8.062.956             -         126.057. 771
10. AZERBAIJAN       192.125.500         -         121.914.790

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