Ukraine based Infozahyst introduces a new OSINT technology project naming it SPECTRUM

In an exclusive interview with Defensehere, the Open-source intelligence (ONSIT) Researcher and Business Development Specialist, Anton Smirnov, talked about Spectrum which is an OSINT technology project initiated by the Ukraine based Infozahyst LLC.

When we asked Smirnov about the mission of the team working on Spectrum, he answered as following:

Spectrum team created the first sophisticated pipeline for processing and analyzing text information in more than 50 languages of the world. We work with our clients to develop OSINT solutions specific to their tasks and customize our technology modules to meet their application requirements. We are open for cooperation with the government and business partners and ready to deliver turnkey solutions across a variety of industries, including defense and security.

In the interview Smirnov also briefed us on the technical features of spectrum, which he stated as following:

  • The capability to search for people(groups) on social networks
  • Collecting geotagged information (searching on the map)
  • Detecting and analyzing relationship between people (building graphs)
  • Automatic analysis of text and photo content
  • Monitoring at given time interval of user activity
  • Detection of bot and fake account
  • Automated compilation of reports
  • Work with messengers
  • Work with open databases, like Myrotvorets

"Spectrum has a modular structure and can be scaled up both vertically and horizontally. The system is supplied to the customer as a complete localized solution," Smirnov added.

Spectrum system is a synergy of retired intelligence officers and young IT enthusiasts, who invested their knowledge and experience in building an effective system for profiling, collecting data, social analytic and monitoring WEB.

Ukraine based Infozahyst introduces a new OSINT technology project naming it SPECTRUM

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