Ukraine rolls out first domestically developed military transport aircraft

The Ukrainian state-owned Antonov Corporation, on Tuesday, introduced the first domestically manufactured An-178-100R military transport aircraft.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the Antonov Corporation has successfully completed the construction of the An-178-100R military transport aircraft, adding that it is now ready for the testing phase, and thus Ukraine now has a domestic alternative to imported military transport aircraft.

The Ukrainian army has ordered three of the new An-178-100R aircraft.

The aircraft is designed to transport troops (up to 100 people), equipment and cargo weighing up to 18 tons and can also be used for airdrops of soldiers/paratroopers and military equipment as well as for medical evacuation of the wounded and injured.

In October, it was reported that 80% of the assembly of the cargo landing systems (landing ramps) for the first three An-178 aircraft was completed. 

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