Ukrainian Radionix company showcases electronic warfare system

Talking to Priadko Oleksii, RADIONIX Head of FEA Department, presented some of their products including a ready to use electronic warfare system.

"Our company was organized in 2006 with 10 people, now we are more than 250 people. We have 3 plants and we are working with many customers from many countries." Mr. Oleksii said. Radionix LLC is in the market of development, modernization and production of radar, navigation systems and radio communication systems. 

Mr. Oleksii talked about the company's ready to use electronic warfare system and said "The main [function] of this system is to generate false signal and the enemy aircraft cannot understand where the real target is.

Radionix company is also working on seekers for air-to-air missiles. Mr. Oleksii, showing these seekers said, "Here you can see one optical seeker and three radar seekers. One of them is passive radar and two are Ka and X-band seekers as well. All these seekers are now used in air-to-air missiles and the accuracy of these seekers are well proved.."

"We are open to cooperation with foreign customers, and we are very interested to have a good cooperation with the Turkish companies." According to Mr. Oleksii, the Radionix company is also going to have some form of cooperation with Roketsan, TUBITAK SAGE, HAVELSAN and Meteksan.

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