EHSİM successfully integrates its Countermeasure Release System into Hürkuş

Completing the flight tests of the Countermeasure Release System (KTSS), Warfare Systems Engineering Trade (EHSİM) company successfully integrated the KTSS into Hürkuş basic trainer and ground attack aircraft.

The electronic warfare defense system KTSS, which provides protection against RF & IR guided missiles, is used in the F-16 Block 30/40/50 and F-4 aircraft in the Turkish Air Forces inventory.

Developed with an 80 percent domestic components, KTSS was certified by Lockheed Martin Aero during the F-16 Peace Onyx-3 modernization.

With Defense Agency's Air Force Command project the KTSS is expected to be integrated into large-bodied aircrafts in the coming months.

With the export of Hürkuş to Niger, the first export of KTSS will also be made.

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