US approves the sale of Standard Missile 6 Block I to South Korea

The U.S. State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Republic of Korea of Standard Missile 6 Block I (SM-6 Blk I) and related equipment for an estimated cost of $650 million.

The Government of the Republic of Korea has requested to buy up to thirty-eight Standard Missile 6 (SM-6) Block I missiles. Also included are MK 21 Vertical Launch System (VLS) canisters; obsolescence Engineering, Integration, and Test (EI&T) materiel and support; handling equipment; spares; training and training equipment and aids; technical publications and data; U.S. Government and contractor engineering and technical assistance, including related studies and analysis support; product support; materiel and support for demonstration and interoperability live fire events; and other related elements of logistics and program support.

The estimated total program cost is $650 million.

This proposed sale will support the foreign policy goals and national security objectives of the United States by improving the security of a major ally that is a force for political stability and economic progress in the Indo-Pacific region.

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