2nd Defence Logistics Support Summit kicks off in Ankara

The 2nd Defence Logistics Support Summit (DLSS), which is organized by Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) with the support of the Turkish Ministry of National Defense (MSB) and the Defense Industry Agency (SSB), kicks off today in the Turkish capital, Ankara, at the Hilton Garden Inn Gimat.

The latest technologies in the field of military logistics will be exhibited and the opportunities waiting for the civilian industry in the 500 billion dollar military logistics sector will be discussed for 2 days during the summit.

Developments in the defense sector, especially logistics modernization, digital transformation as well as export opportunities for Turkey's domestic defense industry and the adaptation of the civilian sector will also be evaluated at the summit.

DLSS is the only summit within the Turkish defense industry with a focus on military logistics and support systems.

ASO President Nurettin Özdebir: Ankara ranks first in defense industry exports

Nurettin Özdebir, President of Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO), who made the opening speech of the summit held at the Hilton Garden Inn Ankara Gimat, stated that defense includes all of its military, political, geostrategic, socio-cultural, geopolitical, historical, technological and economic elements.

Nurettin Özdebir stated that the analyzes carried out showed that defense expenditures positively affected investments in other fields in the developing country group, including Turkey, and noted that defense expenditures provided positive externalities to alternative fields.

Underlining that the turnover volume of the defense industry, which was 1.3 billion dollars in 2002, exceeded 10 billion dollars in 2021, ASO President Özdebir said, "The industry, which makes 1.6 billion dollars R&D expenditure every year, has reached 3.2 billion dollars export capacity from 248 million dollars. "The export volume of the sector has reached over a billion dollars. The domestic rate of the sector has increased from 20 percent to 70 percent. Our defense industry continues to successfully carry out nearly 800 projects. The volume of defense projects currently underway has exceeded 60 billion dollars as of 2022."

Expressing that global defense expenditures increased to a record level of 2.1 trillion dollars in 2021, President Özdebir continued his words as follows:

"The USA, China, India, UK and Russia, namely 5 countries, realize 62 percent of global military expenditures. Turkey ranks 18th in the world with a military expenditure of 15.5 billion dollars. The rate of increase in its expenditures is 63 percent in real terms. The export unit prices are at the top of the figures that show the importance of the defense industry. The unit price of defense industry exports is 70 dollars. Ankara is an important city in terms of defense and aerospace industry. The capital ranks first in defense and aerospace products exports.”

Defense and Aviation Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD) Chairman Osman Okyay: Cyber ​​capabilities will stand out more than they do today

Osman Okyay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Defense and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD), stated that improvements will be required in every field of military logistics, from raw materials to the front, and said: "New technologies will be used for this, and resources will be diversified when necessary. Autonomous systems take a more active role in logistics tasks, improvements in production technologies with the support of artificial intelligence, efficiency in fuel consumption and cyber capabilities will stand out more than today. As a country and industry, we need to position ourselves correctly in this changing conjuncture."

What will stand out in DLSS?

There are 5 important topics that will be the main agenda at the Military Logistics and Support Summit.

  • Logistic analysis of the Ukraine-Russia War
  • The importance of unmanned/autonomous vehicles in combat and logistic support in war conditions
  • Space dimension of logistics and future approaches
  • Opportunities waiting for the Turkish defense industry in Africa
  • Newest solutions and projects

Many new cooperation agreements are expected to be signed during the two-day summit.

First day of the summit: Tuesday, October 4, 2022

09.00 : Press Accreditation

09.30-10.30: Opening Speeches

- Sami Atalan / DLSS Organizing Committee President
- Osman Okyay / Chairman of the Board of Defense and Aerospace Manufacturers Association (SASAD)
- Nurettin Özdebir / President of Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO)
- Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir / Rep. President of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB)

11.00-17.45 : DLSS Day 1 / Special Presentations & Sessions:

- Session I: “Logistic Analysis of the Ukraine-Russia War”
- Special Presentation I: “Lifecycle Management Approach and Sharing in the Field of Defense and Security”
- II. Special Presentation: “Contributions and Solutions to Defense Exports by International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Based in Turkey”
- II. Session: “Unmanned / Autonomous Vehicles in War Conditions; Its Importance in terms of Combat and Logistic Support”
- III. Special Presentation: “Association of Air Cargo Transportation and Defense Industry”
- IV. Special Presentation: “Logistics Importance of Aviation Platforms”
- III. Session: “Space Dimension of Logistics and Future Approaches (SASAD Special Session)”

17.45 : Closing

Second day of the summit: Wednesday, October 5, 2022

08.30: Registration

09.00-17.00 : DLSS Day 2 / Special Presentations & Sessions:

- V. Special Presentation: “Main Battle Tank Logistics Analysis”
- IV. Session: “Integrated Product Support Management in the Defense Industry”
- Session V: “Life Cycle & Effects of R&D Management on Product/System Logistics Processes”
- VI. Special Presentation: “Preservation of Cultural Assets on the Battlefield”
- VII. Special Presentation: “The Importance of Military Health Logistics”
- VIII. Special Presentation: “Defense Industry Opportunities in Africa”
- IX. Special Presentation: “Trade Facilitation and Cost-Reducing Measures”
- X. Special Presentation: “Lightning Protection Systems, Design and Importance in Communication and Logistics Stages”
- VI. Session: “The Growing Importance of Engineering/Logistics Units for the Logistics Continuity of the Operations”

17.00: Closing

2nd Defence Logistics Support Summit kicks off in Ankara

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