3 Pars IV 6x6 special operations vehicles produced by FNSS were delivered to SSB

3 of the 12 PARS IV 6x6 special operation vehicles developed within the scope of the 6x6 Mine Protected Vehicle (MKKA) Procurement Project signed between the Defence Industry Agency (SSB) and FNSS, were delivered to the SSB.

The delivery ceremony held at the Ankara/Gölbaşı facilities of FNSS was attended by the President of Defence Industry Agency Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, SSB officials and FNSS executives.

After the ceremony, the vehicles performed a demonstration drive.

PARS IV 6x6 Mine Resistant Vehicle

The PARS IV 6x6 Mine Resistant Vehicle was designed as a vehicle beyond existing vehicles with its fire capability for special operations, effective protection against Improvised Explosives (IED), survivability infrastructure including high mine and ballistic protection, new technology mission equipment.

The vehicle has a modular armor structure, with an integrated IED protection kit.

Acoustic warning system, 360-degree fog mortars and CBRN systems are also on the vehicle as active protection elements.

The vehicle, which has a 7 forward, 2 reverse gear transmission and a diesel engine power unit, also provides the best road handling in different terrain and road conditions with its height-adjustable independent suspension.

The PARS IV 6x6 Special Operations Vehicle includes “two independent SANCAK UKK systems” developed by FNSS.

Three different types of weapons (7.62 mm, 12.7 mm machine gun and 40 mm grenade launcher) can be used by the vehicle. The vehicle provides surveillance and effective firepower against threats that may appear from different directions simultaneously from all around or from high points.

The vehicle has completed 25 thousand kilometers of driving with the end user so far.

3 Pars IV 6x6 special operations vehicles produced by FNSS were delivered to SSB

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