Armelsan's diver detection radar “ARAS-2023” completes factory acceptance tests

Armelsan, a Turkish company that specializes in the field of underwater systems, announced the completion of the factory acceptance tests of the ARAS-2023 divers detection sonar.

Regarding the announcement the company tweeted the following: “Factory Acceptance Tests of the 1st “ARAS-2023” divers detection sonar to be used on board a Barbaros Class Frigate, has successfully been completed.”

ARAS 2023 is an Active Sonar System which is able to automatically detect and track the location (distance and bearing) of divers using both Open and Close Circuity Respiratory Systems and Diver Delivery Vehicles.

With 360° sonar coverage area, it will have the role of protecting the LHD platform from potential threats coming from underwater.

• Light and portable design
• Open architecture, capability to integrate external sensors easily
• Low maintenance cost
• 360° sonar coverage area, sectoral transmission capability with 90° steps
• Sonar performance prediction tool
• Displaying in polar and cartesian coordinates.
• High accuracy position notifications
• 365 Days, 7/24 operation in all weather and sea conditions
• Handling up to 2000 contact simultaneously
• Data recording and playback for mission analysis and training
• Network capable for multiple sonar head operation

Diver detection radar “ARAS-2023” completes factory acceptance tests

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