CANiK celebrates 25th anniversary

One of the leading companies of the Turkish Defense Industry, CANiK celebrates 25th anniversary.

H. Zafer Aral, Chairman of the Board of CANiK, made the following statements on the occasion of the company’s 25th anniversary celebration:

"Today, as the CANiK family, it is time to joyfully celebrate the pride and happiness of a 25-year journey. From the day we took our first step into the Defense Industry as a 69-year-old industrial family on September 18, 1998, to this day, we have remained loyal to a goal aimed at reaching the pinnacle of Global Defense. Along this path to reaching our goal, we have diligently implemented our strategic plans, bringing us to where we are today.
Throughout this epic journey, we have never strayed from our fundamental principles such as honesty, justice, transparency, and solution-orientedness. These principles are the cornerstones of CANiK and are the values that guide us on our path.

A solution partner for Türkiye and allied nations

Our vision is to be the foremost representative of innovation, quality, and intelligent solutions in the field of firearms and defense on the global stage, as a Global brand. Our mission is to design, develop, produce, and implement high-efficiency smart processes for the products, services, and solutions of the future in the field of firearms and defense by investing in a talented workforce.
Over the past 25 years, we have not only become a solution partner for our country but also for all friendly and allied nations. We visualized our dreams, made plans, and brought them to life. We overcame the challenges that arose on this journey with the help of our loyal and determined employees and business partners. In achieving our goals, we have prepared our facilities in the form of High Technology Centers.

We will continue to achieve new victories

As the CANiK family, we have achieved together what others couldn't even dream of. And we have full confidence that we will continue to achieve new victories by working together. Not only under the CANiK brand but also with all our subsidiaries and brands such as CANiK Academy, AEI Systems, Unirobotics, Unidef, and Mecanik, we will continue to live this excitement.
We greet you with the deepest love and respect, and we look forward to sharing our new stories in the future."

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