HAVELSAN introduces a new dorne naming it Sub-Cloud

Havelsan introduced a new drone naming it Bulutaltı (Sub-cloud). The new drone features interoperability with different types of unmanned systems.

The new drone is a vertical takeoff and landing platform.

Havelsan made a statement on Twitter saying the following:

"The vertical takeoff and landing capable Bulutaltı unmanned autonomous power; interoperable with all types of unmanned systems with full autonomous operation capabilities and many other advanced features."

Bulutaltı unmanned autonomous power

Autonomous takeoff and landing capability

Interoperability with other unmanned aerial/ground vehicles.

The ability to execute single type and mixed swarm missions

High reliability with Real Time Operating System and national software

Fully autonomous mission planning and flight capability

Day/night reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence mission execution

Target tracking, positioning and mapping capability

Interoperability with C4ISR (Command Control) systems

Civil or military use

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