Iran shares video of UAV and missile base built underground

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards shared with the public the images of its bases, where underground missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are located.

According to Iranian state television, the missile and UAV bases built by the Revolutionary Guards Army "in the heart of the high mountains" were inaugurated with a ceremony attended by the General Commander of the Revolutionary Guards Army, Major General Hussein Selami.

It was reported that the bases in question house "advanced surface-to-surface missile systems, as well as attack UAVs that can neutralize enemy radar and defense networks."

Speaking at the ceremony, Revolutionary Guards Army Air Forces Commander Brigadier General Emir Ali Hacızade said, "Currently, we can lift 60 unmanned aerial vehicles from this base. Since our unmanned aerial vehicles have a long range, we can hit any enemy target."

In the video, it can be seen that many missiles and UAVs of various sizes were deployed in bases built in the form of large tunnels underground.

Iran's underground UAV and missile base

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