Keyvan Aviation announces targets for 2023

Developing innovative technologies and producing projects in the field of aviation, Keyvan Aviation aims to double its employment rate in 2023.

Keyvan Aviation CEO and Chairman of the Board, Mehmet Keyvan, evaluated the year 2022 of the company and explained its targets for 2023.

Stating that they achieved their goals as a company in 2022, Mehmet Keyvan evaluated 2022 as follows:

"The year 2022 was very exciting and fast. As a result of our devoted efforts at the beginning of the year, we started working in the sector as we received our certificate from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). We further strengthened our team.

The cooperation agreements we made with General Electric Aerospace and ASELSAN were very important for us. We have achieved our goals from the very beginning. To be the first company in Turkey to be certified by EASA as a navigation database supplier.

Keyvan Aviation, which received the international 'LOA Type 1 DAT Provider' certificate issued by EASA in 2022, thus serves both the leading aviation institutions in Turkey and the whole world in the field of aviation."

Mehmet Keyvan, who stated that besides Turkey, Asia and the Middle East have priority targets, summarized their 2023 targets as follows:

"With our worldwide EASA certificate, we can serve airlines, airports and aviation authorities of all countries. However, our priority target is Asia and the Middle East, where our competitors are weaker."

"The increase in the number of our female employees makes us happy"

"As of now, 110 people are employed within our company. 45 percent of this number is female and 55 percent is male. We are especially happy that the number of our female employees is increasing day by day. We are very proud to see our women in the aviation sector. The number of women working in the aviation sector is increasing exponentially every year. There is a significant increase in the number of female employees in all our departments at Keyvan Aviation, and we have almost reached the minimum 50 percent number we aim for. In line with our increasing customer base and projects, we aim to double the number of our employment at least in 2023."

"Russia-Ukraine war has increased operational costs a lot"

"I expect 2023 to be a better year for the aviation industry. With the pandemic almost over and the opening of the borders, the increase in the number of passengers continues. We observe an increase in the number of passengers and flights at the airports. The increase will continue in 2023.

On the other hand, the Russia-Ukraine war increased the operational costs a lot. Russian and Ukrainian airspaces are restricted. This means some routes are lengthened due to restricted airspace. We will face such problems in the coming days. However, this may also benefit some countries.

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