Led by the engineers of L3Harris: Project Everest

On June 14 - 15 at the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) BattleLab in Dorset, over 200 British and 50 international military visitors attended Project Everest, a large demonstration of capability that’s available today for the MoD.

Project EVEREST integrated L3Harris’ tactical radio, ISR, data link and satellite communication offerings, portfolio of CORVUS multirole EW systems and Drone Guardian C-sUAS solution, among others, with key inputs from trusted industry partners Systematic, Leonardo DRS, NSSL Global, Inmarsat, Exsel and Glenair.

Led by over 50 L3Harris engineers over three months, the experiment’s objective was to show the MoD how soldiers could benefit from military-off-the-shelf (MOTS) technologies that are available today through the in-depth demonstration of live, real-time mission scenarios.

Project EVEREST demonstrated how combining software-defined radios with satellite communications can pass voice, data and situational awareness to wherever required by adapting to the need and threat environment.

Led by the engineers of L3Harris: Project Everest

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