HENSOLDT - 25 years of excellence in the middle east (Interview)

In an interview with Defensehere.com, Sally Lamie, Head of Regional Marketing at HENSOLDT, evaluated the presence of the company in the Middle East during Dubai Airshow 2023.

Sally Lamie pointed out the company’s participation at various international exhibitions and underlined the importance of the international market. She further said that HENSOLDT’s solutions are present in the Middle East for more than 25 years, hence being able to present its solutions at Dubai Airshow is important for the company.

She also said that HENSOLDT is now focused on the 3rd edition of IDEX in Egypt where they have been present since the first edition.

Lamie said the following about the solutions which will be on display at IDEX Egypt:

“We will be showcasing our radar solution like our ground-based air defense, TRML-4D passive radar, border surveillance like Spexer and Airborne Solution will be on our showcase. One of our highlights will be our twin sense solution. And this is by combining active radar, the TRML-4D and our passive radar. And this shows also the TRML-4D has been active in some of the active areas now like Ukraine, and it shows great effectiveness in such situations. And this would be one of our highlight solutions that we're showcasing as we're focused on the international market.”

At the latter, she also stated that there is a high demand for localization and that HENSOLDT is implementing in its strategy which include the transfer of technology and transfer of production.

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