Nurol makina to introduce a new vehicle in 2021 while realizing first exports of their Yörük 4×4

In a Interview with defensehere, the General Manager Nurol Makina Engin Aykol talked about the Nurol Makina's performance in 2020 and the company's expectations for 2021.

Aykol stated the following:

As a matter of fact, we have become one of the companies that export the highest amount of Turkish defense industry equipment with more than 90 percent of our turnover being from exports last year.

The Covid epidemic, which left its mark on 2020, caused inevitable disruptions to the business plans we made at the beginning of the year.

However, our crisis management team, which we formed with the outbreak of the crisis, has created new action plans for all our activities in a way that will protect the health of our employees and guarantee our business continuity.

Thanks to the rapid adaptation of our colleagues to such conditions, I am happy to see that we have been success through this period so far.

As a matter of fact, we continued the production and deliveries of our products such as Ejder Yalçın, YÖRÜK, PARS 4x4 and Ejder TOMA during the pandemic.

Despite canceled fairs, test activities and travel restrictions, we effectively continued our work towards promoting our vehicles.

We continued our improvement activities in all company processes, particularly investing in digital information flow and automation.

The best indicator showing the maturity and efficiency level of our in-house improvement activities is that we were awarded the Kalder Kaizen award, which we first received in 2018 and once again in 2020.

I would like to underline that we are the first and only defense company to be awarded this award.

We will increase the market share we have gained with our Ejder Yalçın vehicle, which is by far the best vehicle in its class and with our YÖRÜK vehicle, which we will export for the first time in 2021.

Our most valuable competitive element is the continuous improvement and development activities we carry out in line with the developments in the armored vehicle market and the valuable feedback from customers.

I would like to give the good news here that we will add a new vehicle to our set of high-performance products in 2021.

Norul makina to introduce a new vehicle in 2021 while realizing first exports of their Yörük 4×4

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