Number of SAHA Istanbul members exceeded 1000

The number of members of SAHA Istanbul, Türkiye's and Europe's largest defense industry cluster, has exceeded 1000.

The Defense, Aerospace Technologies Cluster (SAHA Istanbul) started with 27 members after its establishment in 2015.

SAHA Istanbul, which carries out very important studies on an international scale for companies to carry their technology infrastructure and capabilities to the highest level, continues to contribute to the development of the domestic defense, aviation and space technologies industry.

SAHA Istanbul aims to strengthen the Turkish defense and aerospace industry with increasing cooperation and export potential with the Defense, Aerospace and Space Industry Fair SAHA EXPO.

In the post made on SAHA EXPO's LinkedIn account, the following statements were included:

"We are stronger together. Türkiye boasts advanced R&D capabilities, a skilled workforce, and a thriving manufacturing industry. Our member companies play a vital role across the defence and aerospace industry, in designing, local production, and contributing to international projects. Over the last decade, the industry's turnover has tripled, reaching over USD 12 billion, with exports surging from USD 600 million in 2007 to more than USD 6 billion in 2023. Türkiye has emerged as a global player in defence manufacturing in just twenty years. At the heart of this progress lies SAHA Istanbul Defence and Aerospace Cluster, home to over 1000 companies and 26 universities—the largest industry cluster in both Türkiye and Europe.


The SAHA EXPO, organized by SAHA Istanbul, is a dedicated effort to boost the Turkish defence and aerospace industry through enhanced promotion and increased export potential.Through SAHA Akademi, we empower the future leaders of the industry. Our technical education programs sharpen their skills, and our entrepreneurship initiative links startups with mentors and funding, serving as a bridge allowing emerging entrepreneurs to leverage the expertise of our member companies.Let's harness the power of collaboration for unmatched achievements.

We welcome you to join us on this adventure.”

Number of SAHA Istanbul members exceeded 1000


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