Barzan Holdings Vice President speaks to Defensehere about the company

While having meetings with high level delegations and exhibiting the company portfolio at SAHA EXPO, Barzan Holdings Vice President & Chief Strategic Procurement Officer Abdullah Hassan Al-Khater spoke to Defensehere about the company.

Established in 2016, Barzan Holdings is the strategic investment and procurement arm of the Qatari Ministry of Defense (MoD).

Barzan Holdings is responsible for empowering the military capabilities of the Qatari Armed Forces. The company achieves this by partnering with leading international companies and organizations in the defense field and acts as a commercial gateway for the defense industry in Qatar.

Barzan Holdings Vice President & Chief Strategic Procurement Officer Abdullah Hassan Al-Khater spoke to Defensehere about the company and said:

"Barzan Holding is a Qatari company, was established in 2016. It’s fully owned by the Ministry of Defense of Qatar and with a focus on defense and security sector.

The main areas that Barzan Holdings focuses on is investment, research and development, and strategic procurement in the defense and security sector, where we do also the manufacturing of defense products.

Currently, as you can see also from our stand, we do have a number of and variety of defense equipment and systems.

For example, we have the small arms caliber ammunition that has been produced in the State of Qatar in our subsidiary, which is Baraut factory.

Also, we do have a number of joint ventures that produces small arms, rifles, and pistols. Like for example our joint venture with Baretta from Italy and also our Barzan Industrial Group will reproduce our own version of m16 which is KMA556.

Also there are a number of companies here for example Barer Holdings, which is an investment group that is 70% owned by Barzan Holdings. It is based here in Turkiye, where they work mainly in variety of defense products and mainly military textile and personal protective equipment for the soldier, with also other varieties.

We do have a number of companies and subsidiaries and joint ventures, but these are just an example of it.

When you look at the State of Qatar, our brotherly nation is Turkiye and we do have very strong bond with the Republic of Turkiye. There are investments when it comes to defense and security. For example, State of Qatar invests in BMC and we own a big portion of that and also Barzan Holdings as I mentioned Barer Holdings which is also established here in Turkiye where we have different variety of investment here in Turkiye.

Moreover also we did deliver a project and we have ongoing projects with the defense companies here in Turkiye.

We just recently last month, there was a contract with Barzan Holdings and Anadolu shipyard where they delivered three ships to the Qatari Navy. That was successfully delivered in relatively short period of time with the highest of quality so that is a successful project.

We do have active projects with Nural Makina to supply us with 4x4 vehicles for Qatar’s military and also we have active contracts with Aselsan, big and successful company, where they supply us with variety of remote controlled weapon stations as well as telecommunications equipment."

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