Poland starts training Ukrainian crew for Leopard 2 tanks

Poland has started training the Ukrainian crew who will operate the Leopard 2 tanks, local media reported on Monday.

Visiting the army barracks in the southwestern province of Swietoszow where Polish instructors train Ukrainian crew in tank operations, Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak reiterated that the country would lead the efforts for building a coalition of countries that will provide Ukraine with A4 models of the Leopard 2 tanks, according to state-run PAP news agency.

Germany, on the other hand, will provide the coalition with more advanced A6 models of the tanks, he added.

Blaszczak noted that Canada has already delivered the Leopard 2 tanks to Poland for Ukraine, and talks are underway with Spain.

“We expect Norwegian tanks too to arrive soon,” he added.

“Now the biggest challenge for us is the spare parts. This is the task we set for the German defense industry,” Blaszczak explained.

Source: AA

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