South African business world looking to Turkey for UAV procurement

South African business people want to develop partnerships with the Turkish business world, whose products and services they describe as "high quality".

According to the 2021 Foreign Trade Statistics of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), with a foreign trade volume of $1.88 billion, the Republic of South Africa is one of Turkey's largest foreign trade partners in the continent.

The relations between Turkey and South Africa, both of which have regional leadership roles, are increasing with each passing year and new partnerships are developing between Turkish and South African business people.

Successful and experienced names of the South African business world came together with Turkish business people at the event held at the Turkish Ambassador's residence in the capital Pretoria last week.

- "In our opinion, Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles are the best in the world"

South African businessman Ahmad Amla pointed out that there is a great demand for medium and long-range unmanned aerial vehicles in the defense sector in his country and throughout the continent, adding that the current supply does not meet this demand.

Amla said, "As a company, we took an initiative to trade drones with Turkey. In our opinion, Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles are the best in the world."

Stating that he has directed many South African investors to Turkey as a financial advisor, Amla said, "I trust Turkey. I can see that it has great potential. The hard work of Turkish people is the most important factor here."

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