Su-57E - Russia unveils an export version of the Sukhoi Su-57 5th gen fighter

During the international defense industry fair Military and Technical Forum ARMY 2022, organized by the Russian Ministry of Defense, United Aircraft Corporation's Sukhoi Su-57's export version was presented for the first time.

The officials presenting the fifth generation fighter gave information to the crowd about the airplane and took questions at the end.

Sukhoi Su-57E showcased at ARMY 2022

"We’re standing close to the Sukhoi fifth generation Sukhoi Su-57E. It’s a fifth generation aircraft. So, at the moment we’ll just briefly give you the presentation of the Sukhoi 57E aircraft. The aircraft fully corresponds to the fifth generation aircraft requirements, which are as follows: supersonic cruise flight mode, low visibility, multichannel firing, including [the] most modern air weapons. All data’s been displayed to the pilot, so he does understand the full situation around the aircraft. The capability to interact with types of forces – ground forces or naval forces, and the capability of interaction and data transmission with them.

This is the idea of the Sukhoi 57: the capability to provide actions. So to provide as a networking system. Application of artificial intelligence as a so-called second pilot or copilot, to help the main pilot to provide military actions and piloting as well. Specifically for the Sukhoi 57E, a number of guided weapons have been developed and serially manufactured to provide and execute all types of missions, including aerial weapons of increased range. Its other key advantage is the capability to act in autonomous, self-sufficient air groups, including target distribution between those aircraft in the group, thus decreasing the number of aircraft that are involved in military actions, in combat actions.

It fully complies with the requirements for the multipurpose, multifunctional aircraft because it executes the number of tasks at the same level as for the fighter missions and for attacking, attack missions. To decrease the radar signature of the aircraft, the possibility of internal placement of air weapons have been provided for the Sukhoi 57E. Various types of air weapons can be fitted there. Whether it is an air-to-air type missile or air-to-surface. So their payload base can be reconfigured depending on the assigned task.

The aircraft Sukhoi 57E is fitted with the onboard self-defense suite that provides suppression of infrared homing heads of missiles. What is more, apart from its main mission, the radar of the Sukhoi 57E is capable of executing suppression missions, so realizing the active missions – jamming missions – apart from its main designation. The aircraft has been designed according to the integral layout, and it demonstrates great flight technical performances. I’d like to say that this aircraft has a feature of super maneuverability, super agility, and supersonic agility, supersonic maneuverability. The information control panel display is built in accordance with the glass cockpit concept – so a full glass cockpit. Thus it makes it possible for the pilot to facilitate his operation with navigational data, with air weapons application modes, or other types of interaction with the aircraft.

Everything’s been designed to facilitate, to ease the pilot’s operation with the aircraft.

Q: What engine does it have?

A: A new type of engine. We are not able to answer the type.

Q: Can we say that it’s fully stealth with all these rivets that we can see with our eyes now?

A: According to experts from the Russian side, it does fully correspond to stealth features, requirements. You can see in the body of the aircraft fins. According to configuration it’s been built with the stealth featuring. Together with the covering of the aircraft, which does decrease the radar signature. That was the requirement and it’s been fulfilled.

Q: Question is about the design of the x house. Why do you still use the rounded x-house type?

A: 360-360-360 vector control and thanks to this capability it should be a round one. So, 360. Plus vector control, it’s more complex, more difficult to realize that feature. It’s much easier for the pilot to operate, to fly this aircraft. He doesn’t think it over, how he should control the stick, because he knows that the aircraft will response properly.

Q: Compared with the F22, it can also maneuver like Sukhoi 57.

A: The F22 only has the vertical thrust vector control. Whereas the Sukhoi 57E has 360."


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