Super Şimşek... Turkish Aerospace introduces a super version of its Şimşek target drone

Development of the “Süper Şimşek” (Super Lightning) has been announced, as the latest version of High Speed Target Aircraft System Şimşek developed by Turkish Aerospace.

Turkish Aerospace Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Engineering Director Bülent Korkem provided information on the new version of the high speed aircraft Şimşek, which is positioned under the wings of the ANKA-3. Describing the emerging platform as “Şimşek’s older brother", Korkem said that they had named the new product "Süper Şimşek".

Korkem also explained that Süper Şimşek was first and foremost a target aircraft, adding that forthcoming versions would include decoy target and offensive munitions capabilities.

Armed versions will include different types of seeker heads, Korkem said, adding: "Therefore Süper Şimşek will be able to carry out air-to-surface and air-to-air attacks, and through electronic warfare systems installed as part of its own capacity, conduct missions such as detecting and suppressing enemy systems on the ground".

"In one of the latest versions, we will also use this aircraft in an array that can reach as far as a cruise missile. We are expecting a range of over 700 kilometers,” Korkem explained.

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