Taiwanese delegation visits Fly BVLOS Technology, examines the Jackal UAV

A Taiwanese delegation consisting of Taiwanese bureaucrats and business people visited the facilities of Fly BVLOS Technology in Ankara/Kalecik and examined the Jackal UAV.

The Taiwanese delegation, who received information about Fly BVLOS Technology's work and products, had the opportunity to closely examine the company's Jackal and Sancak UAVs.

A short demonstration flight was made with the Sancak UAV for the Taiwan delegation.

The delegation had met before with the officials of Fly Bvlos Technology in Istanbul in December 2022 and received information about the company's work and products. At the meeting, issues such as technology transfer and cooperation between Taiwanese companies and Fly BVLOS Technology were discussed.

Fly X Technology opens branch in Taiwan

Ties between Fly BVLOS Technology with Taiwanese industry continues to increase day by day.

As a continuation of the contracts that Fly BVLOS Technology had previously signed with Taiwan, Fly X Technology, the umbrella company of Fly BVLOS Technology, has also completed the preparations for a branch to be opened in Chiayi, Taiwan soon.

As part of the Taiwan delegation's Ankara contacts, Chiayi Government executives, GEOSAT Aerospace & Technology Inc. and Thunder Tiger Corporation executives held a meeting with Fly BVLOS Technology executives for the branch to be opened in Chiayi.


Introduced for the first time in April 2022, the Jackal is an unmanned aerial vehicle with 8 electric engines for vertical take-off & landing and 4 pusher EDF (electric ducted fan) engines. It can carry a payload of 15 to 30 kilograms and has a range of 130 kilometers.

Taiwan delegation inspects the Jackal UAV in Ankara

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