Turkey defense industry agenda 1-7 May 2023

  • The name of Turkey’s domestic and national National Combat Aircraft (MMU) has been announced as “Kaan.”
  • The 5th Routine General Assembly of SAHA Istanbul, Europe’s largest industrial cluster, took place.
  • Deliveries of the 8x8 Armored Transport Vehicle manufactured by Konya-based MPG Makine were made to the Ground Forces Command.
  • Turkish defense industry firm STM marked its 32nd birthday.
  • Painted in the colors of the Turkish flag, Hürjet successfully completed its second test flight.
  • The company SDT announced that it had received two orders from a domestic customer, for 2.97 million dollars and 6.303 million lira.
  • The Technologies to Shape the Future Operation Environment Workshop was held in Ankara.
  • A fourth A400M aircraft retrofitted with the cooperation of ASFAT, Airbus and the Kayseri 2nd Air Maintenance Factory Directorate was delivered to the Turkish Air Force.
  • The first General Assembly of the Teknokent Aviation Space and Security Cluster Association established by the Teknokent Defense Industry Cluster was held.
  • Teknopark Istanbul, Turkey’s innovation center, entered its 13th year.
  • Defense Industry Agency President İsmail Demir announced that the aircraft parts manufacturing facility TUSAŞ established in Kahramanmaraş would begin production in July.
  • Turaç, a small arms ammunition producer and seller in the defense industry arena, particularly the hunting and marksmanship sector, entered its 36th year.
  • The T-70 firefighting helicopter manufactured by TUSAŞ was delivered to the Forestry Directorate General in a ceremony with the participation of President Erdoğan.
  • Turkey’s first vocational high school in the area of space and aviation technology opened in Ankara.
Turkey defense industry agenda 1-7 May 2023

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