Turkey's Defense Industry Agenda 08 - 14 August 2022

ASELSAN, ROKETSAN and Turkish Aerospace entered this years list of world's top 100 defense industry companies published by Defense News.

The Countermeasure Release System, made by EHSİM, successfully completed flight tests, and was integrated into Hürkuş trainer aircraft.

Murat Şahin, General Manager of ASELSAN Sivas, said that they succeeded in producing nearly 50 electro-optical devices and nearly 200 optical units with domestic and national means in 6 years.

Defense Industry Agency President İsmail Demir announced that the Agency will establish an overseas organization.

STM commissioned the Supply Ecosystem Platform STEP.

Serial production of Turkey's first armed unmanned sea vehicle ULAQ, developed by ARES Shipyard and Meteksan Defense, has started.

Fly BVLOS Technology from Turkey became a partner of UAV Technology Center in Taiwan.

Defense Industry Agency President İsmail Demir visited Sarsılmaz's production facility in Düzce.

Turkish researcher Ufuk Asil shared the details of his study, in which he added artificial intelligence to pistols and rifles.

A cooperation protocol for gas turbines was signed between Turkish Engine Industries and BOTAŞ.

ASELSAN increased its net profit by 50 percent in the first half of 2022.

Turkish Technic Inc. signed a 10-year agreement with the US-based Honeywell company.

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