Turkish company Derya Arms exhibits new products at the Shot Show

Derya Arms, a defense company from Konya, Turkiye, exhibited its new products at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show held for the 45th time this year in Las Vegas, USA.

Derya Arms introduced its newest 2023 product lineup at the fair, which was held between 17-20 January.

Derya Arms, which was on TIM's top 1,000 exporters list in 2020 and 2021, wants to continue this success by adding new products to its export portfolio in 2023.

Derya Arms plans to continue the momentum it has achieved in exports with its new products. In this context the company's new models based on ZY9 and DY9 9mm pistols, and TM22 .22LR rifle models will take their place in the US and world markets.

The DY9 model 9x19 pistol, which has a polymer body, was highly appreciated by the visitors. The pistol, which has different slides and color combinations, received full marks from the end users. The model, which provides comfortable carrying and ease of use with its compact body and light weight, seems be a highly preferred pistol with its many accessory options.

Exhibited at the Shot Show as the TM22 Feather, the polymer version of the TM22 .22LR Long Rifle model, is one of the new products being introduced for the 2023 year. The adoption of the polymer body instead of the original aluminum for the TM22 Feather allows the rifle to be much lighter.

Different barrel length versions of the ZY9 were also among the products exhibited at the fair. The ZY9 is an innovative product that will enable the company widen its reach in USA and new markets with 6 inch, and 10 inch pistol-like versions as well as 14.5 inch, 16 inch, and 18 inch Rifle versions.

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